Titus Sparrow Park has community gardens available to neighborhood residents. The 15 public garden plots are assigned on a space-available basis only to those without a plot in any other public community garden. Gardens must be kept clean and in good condition (see Guidelines below). The annual fee is $30, to be sent by May 1 to:

Friends of Titus Sparrow Park, 800 Boylston St, P.O. Box 990965, Boston MA 02199.

Titus Sparrow Park Garden Coordinators

Angela Cirami

Also, volunteers are needed to help with ongoing light maintenance, weeding and fall bulb planting. It is a fun way to enjoy the park and your neighbors. To learn more about volunteering opportunities with Titus Sparrow Park click here

Guidelines for Titus Sparrow Park Community Gardens

  1. Garden assignments are for one year. Gardeners must notify the coordinators by March 15 each year whether you will be keeping your garden or giving it up.

  2. Gardening in Boston’s public parks is a privilege. Gardens must be kept planted, weeded, and trash-free so as to enhance our park entrances. Hoses can be found with the water supply at the end of each section; however, gardeners must provide their own tools.

  3. A garden plot showing no evidence of being worked by May 15 may be forfeited and allocated to the next gardener on the waiting list.

  4. It is important that plants be maintained within the confines of your plot—not planted so close to the border that, when grown, they extend into neighboring gardens. Plants should be kept trimmed; roses and vines shouldn’t cascade into the next garden.

  5. In deference to the environment and other gardeners, organic gardening methods are preferred in your plots– organic fertilizers and no chemical weed killers or insecticides. Many excellent organic fertilizers are as simple to use as the chemical ones. Epsoma is one company that makes a very effective organic fertilizer.

  6. The Parks Department requests that fall-cleanup plant material be put in paper bags and left beside park trash cans. Otherwise, use the trash cans.

  7. Please consult the garden coordinators before adding fences, or other structures.

  8. Harvest regularly to discourage theft and please do not pick from a neighbor’s plot.

  9. Pets are not allowed in the gardens.

  10. Gardens must be cleaned for winter by October 30.

We hope you enjoy this special opportunity to be outdoors in the city and that you will participate in the occasional cleanups at Titus Sparrow Park and in our other delightful activities.